At a prominent Connecticut university, facility managers were dealing with a problem with a historical building that had a large wooden door with gothic arches. They wanted to replace the door, but needed the expertise of a custom woodworker to recreate the look and feel of the original.

The facility managers reached out to their go-to architectural woodworking company, Century Woodworking. They knewfrom previous projects we’d done with themwe had the knowledge and experience to provide custom millwork, doors, and windows for historical restoration projects. The facility managers asked us to remove the old door and install a white oak replacement that would have the same gothic arches and leaded glass as the original.

Custom Woodworking Replicates Historical Look and Feel of Gothic Style Door

gothic arches in progressGothic arched doors can be difficult to replicate. Creating the refined shape of arches like these requires the expertise of a skilled woodworker. In addition, any disturbance of the original  masonry can cause the shape of the arch to shift, which could impact how the door fits into the frame. The property manager wanted to ensure the door would be replaced without any structural damage to the rest of the wall.

To prevent this disturbance, Century Woodworking used hard templates to obtain the exact dimensions of the doorway. Hard templating involves removing the existing door and making a plywood template of the masonry opening. Our field manager created the template onsite and then sent it on to our draftsmen, who were able to duplicate the representation of the gothic arched door in white oak.

White oak, a hardwood, has incredible wear resistance along with medium crushing and bending strength. We installed leaded glass windows to match the details of the rest of the historical Connecticut university building. Leaded glass is a feature often seen in windows on churches and other classic buildings.

Century Woodworking’s craftsmen expertly fabricated the white oak replacement door with gothic arches and leaded glass to the required specifications. We were then able to install the door without altering or damaging the existing masonry.

As an expert woodworking company with decades of experience in the restoration and replication of historically accurate architectural millwork, doors, and windows, Century Woodworking was able to produce a gothic arched door that now fits perfectly into the existing doorway of the university building. We handled all the details by providing a competitive quote, taking field measurements and surveys, creating an accurate hard template, ordering materials, fabricating the white oak door and leaded glass windows, and performing the installation. We provide this level of service to each and every one of our clients.

For more information about historically accurate architectural woodworking features, contact the experts at Century Woodworking today.

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