traditional carriage house in connecticuttWhen a traditional carriage house and studio in Norfolk, Connecticut, needed new custom millwork, windows, and doors, the project contractor reached out to Century Woodworking for assistance. After conferring with the contractor, the owner was brought in to conduct a face-to-face consultation that enabled our team to develop unique solutions for the project. This consultation also gave us the information we needed to honor the structure’s historic roots and satisfy the owner’s creative design ideas. What came out of that collaboration was beautiful custom millwork, doors, and windows that complemented the structure’s existing architecture.

Material Considerations and Design

custom woodworking awning millworkThe exterior millwork would be exposed to strong seasonal shifts in temperature and moisture. Though it was anticipated that the surface would be painted, these aspects of the local environment could still have a strong effect on the underlying wood. Therefore, the exterior millwork portion of the project—which acts like an awning above the door—was produced using mahogany because of its durability, rot resistance, and water resistance.

For the interior portions of the project, we used poplar and maple wood, due to their stability and ease of painting. For this project, there was no architect involved, which created some additional challenges for the project. We worked directly with the homeowner and contractor to develop custom woodworking with the aid of our draftsmen to develop a completely unique solution that fulfilled the customer’s creative vision.

Fitting Millwork to Existing Architecture Requires Expert Attention to Detail

Our expertise in custom woodworking allowed us to take the owner’s creative concepts and develop them through our draftsmen into beautiful, functional woodworking. The new millwork was designed to complement the existing structure; the fitting of that portion of the project to the existing exterior architecture required a fine eye for detail. By getting the owner’s input, we were able to exceed his expectations in every way.

With decades of experience restoring and reproducing historical millwork, doors, and windows, we were able to provide a perfect marriage of preexisting and new details that left the owner thrilled with the final design. Because our focus has always involved a thorough, mistake-free approach, the final solution worked seamlessly with the existing architecture.

If you are considering a renovation project that requires fine attention to detail and a unique approach, Century Woodworking is here to help. Please feel free to reach out to our experienced experts today to get started.

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